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Alien Blood Sport (Performance, prints, installation) 2019: ​A selection of photographic prints and handmade leather costumes, speckled with fruit pulp and seeds, exhibited at 'The Contraband Collection x Latch' show. This project was an attempt to produce souvenirs of an erotic gameshow from another planet. ​The photos and film are documentation of a performance that took place in The Latch Collective space. The kafabe hinterland of an intimate wrestle where two bodies exchange impassioned touch and emotion continuously, with gestures never reaching resolution as in genuine fights or sex; the participants are willingly suspended in a state both of performance and affect, the course of which only end with exhaustion, and convalescence.  On this alternative planet, the 'game' with no resolution is celebrated with awareness, players seek the psychological state past exhaustion, that comes from a continual exchange with another.  ​All prosthetics were made with fruit skin, pulp and juice; further exaggerating the joke of the 'Alien Bloodsport' and the assumption of evil and violence laying outside of the structures of Western binaries of identities and interactions.

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