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The Adventures of Lady Sockeye: Ongoing performance and video series in which I or another performer dress as an anthropomorphic Sockeye Salmon and enact variations of their migratory cycle. The narratives draw specifically on details of the disrupted Salmonid lifecycles due to hormonal pollutants in the water systems. New performance coming in August 2023. Below: Salmonid Love Language Performance  IIII (2021): Destruction of The Eggs.  Performed at The Exchange, Bristol for Psychotherapy Sessions’ Halloween Special. Costume, Jelly eggs. Improvised score by Laughter of Saints of Avon Terror Corps label. This performance is 4th and most recent in the series of performances from 2020-21. Lady Sockeye Livestream (Performance I) 2020: First performance as Lady Sockeye. Over the summertime lockdown I created the Salmon Costume in a garden shed, I then livestreamed the process of burying eggs 'upstream' (upstairs bedroom) and fled. Performed somewhere near the river Lee. Costume, Jelly eggs.

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