'Salmonid Love Language' Performance at The Exchange, as part of the Avon Terror Corps set for the Illegal Data Halloween night 2021. 

Performance, costume, props, video editing by myself.

Music performed and recorded live by ATC musicians Miles Opland, Georgia Cusack and Kasia Bielawska-Johansson. 

The performance is 4th in a series of performance over the past year, anthropomorphising the experience of a Sockeye Salmon dissuaded from reproducing due to artificial hormones polluting the water system.

The Salmon attempts to communicate with painted symbols and nest their eggs within them, but ultimately destroys the eggs and flees.


Over lockdown I constructed a Salmon costume and live streamed myself breaking into a suburban house in Essex…

I sought a domestic place to bury my eggs as an alternative to returning to the natal stream to lay them (as most Sockeye Salmon do) at the event of which I would die. 

Lady Sockeye is a character with whom I continue to explore transgressions in ritual and pre-ordained cycles of life.