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At the start of November 2023, myself and Biped had the pleasure of performing our short play in 3 acts for the ‘Wild Perspectives’ event at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. For our piece, ‘the salmon run’ we told the story of Lady Sockeye’s creation, (see 'Lady Sockeye' in menu) habits and existential confusion, and Biped’s endeavor to return her to the natal stream of Aafon Marteg along the salmon run from the bristol channel & the river wye on a 100+km trek. The performance involved an absurd lecture detailing the crisis of philosophy presented by the question: do salmon conceive of the right way? A game of corporate tennis with giant Salmon Roe, running along to sisyphean chant, flute music and sewing 9 socks to a cloth salmon skin. Theatre of the lecture. Pseudiintellectualism. Ted’s Salmon Run boots, charms made en route, a roe vessel, a tennis net handwoven by Biped and footage from the very first ‘happening’ I performed as Lady Sockeye were exhibited along with our performance The walk changed Biped’s life. The work changes both of us relentlessly. 'The anthropomorphic character Lady Sockeye was created by Turner during COVID-19 lockdowns. From humble beginnings as a costume made in a garden shed, Lady Sockeye became the central protagonist in a series of performance works exploring disruptions in salmon life cycles as a result of human impacts. This summer, BIPED undertook a pilgrimage with the costume, following the salmon run route from the Bristol Channel to the River Wye and Afon Marteg’s natal stream. During this 120km journey, the artist completed a series of challenges, documenting the trip through various media. Not only did the salmon costume disintegrate during the 10-day expedition,but BIPED failed to reach the natal stream due to available time and strength, reflecting the fate of many salmon. In a newly developed performance The Salmon Run, Skye Turner and BIPED present a celebratory ritual to commemorate Lady Sockeye, the pilgrimage and all salmon. On display is a range of material that has emerged from Lady Sockeye’s own lifecycle, including prints, artefacts and film. ' (Dr. Sarah Wade, exhibition text for 'Wild Perspectives' Event).

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