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Tunnel Singers is an open choir group that gathers in urban tunnels to sing under the cover of nightfall. Founded by Georgia Cusack, the group is often led by her. For the second screening of 'Larpe Diem' for the Doozy Magazine Issue II 'Lore' at Strange Brew in Bristol, I worked with Georgia to facilitate a new Tunnel Singers performance, generated through a series of 5 rehearsals in various sites around Bristol, incorporating choreographic and narrative influence from both our practices. My involvement with Tunnel singers began during the filming of Larpe Diem in 2022, where I sought out performance groups working 1) without audience 2) outside of the immediate 'art sphere' in communities. Tunnel Singers explores singularly indefinable practices that interlace fantasy, ritual, and performance in live action settings. The performance comprises three chapters incorporating voice and choreography, with minimal props and costume. The final part features a Spanish folk song. Thematically, the performance delves into ancestors, menstrual pain, grief, isolation, and the power of collective action to ignite love in the face of tyranny—emphasizing "power with" rather than "power over." Rehearsals are integral to the work, serving as spaces for generation and improvisation, mirroring the improvisatory nature of the final performance. Rehearsals took place in diverse locations, including music studios, outdoor settings, and the old holding cells of a converted police station called ‘The Island’ in Bristol. Tunnel Singers typically gather in public spaces like under-bridge tunnels in Bristol or semi-public spaces such as shared artist studios. They utilize a mixture of found objects, bells, and springs as instruments. The group is open to all, with a focus on encouraging queer femme involvement. Members come from diverse backgrounds, including professional musicians, dancers, choreographers, and individuals with no prior experience in dance or voice. Emphasizing accessibility and creativity, Tunnel Singers provide a space for psychodrama to unfold, welcoming genuine expression and ritual acts in performance. Rather than relying on analysis, words, or storylines, Tunnel Singers communicate through action, prompts, and collective intuition. By covering their faces, members blur the lines between individuality and collective expression, moving fluidly between roles, and realities. The group navigates the boundaries between ritual and secular, performance, and magic, offering a transformative experience where individuals discover new expanses of themselves. Tunnel Singers invite participants to explore the interconnectedness of their inner and outer selves, embracing the notion that our outside is as integral to us as our inside.

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