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Hortus Conclusus: Collaborative residency with Layan Harman at C4RD Islington, entitled 'Hortus Conclusus'. This residency involved generative storytelling through role play as two characters reluctantly hosting each other in their respective fantasy landscapes, projecting their constructed notions of wilderness and survival onto Dulwich Woods. This experiment was displayed through a film 'The Raging Hosts', artefacts and performance. Featuring sculptures: 'Sunset Shark/Backwards Animal' 2023 (Textiles, dye, forged steel, fossilised shark teeth, verdigris pigment, rust pigment). 'Pond Shark Armor' 2023 (Hammered brass, steel, drum sticks, patina). 'Rufus Stirrup' 2023 collaboration with Layan Harman. (Found steel object, rivets, chain). Various installed costume.

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