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LARPgarden Party (Loopy Assembled Roleplay Phinale): An evening event coalescing the LARPgarden workshop series. The three workshops coalesced into a collaborative event curated by myself and the three artists Lottie Brown, Cassie Ireland, and Biped. The event was characterised by a suspended tunnel made of tarpaulin, filled with makeshift sculptures serving as obstacles. Visitors passed through a portal as they traveled through the tunnel. 'The Portal' led to an event space full of live actors, music, clay work, discussion, and a costume wardrobe. The path through the various activities led to a stage full of instruments, which invoked a communal improv jam among the visitors that went on into the night. The event was a free-form affair with no set structure or predetermined outcome. It was a space where people could come together to create something new and explore the power of play to tell stories.

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