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The Drips of Fosterham (Audio Stories, video) 2022: An anthology of twizzled narratives risen to the surface of our brain swamps; spanners in the rough, riddled with silt and muck. Come with us now on a journey through an inane state of reality. Behind the venetian blinds, beneath the man holes of concrete Britain. A project that began on the cusp of national Lockdown 1 as visions of a mundane apocalypse dawned on suburb, city and country alike. The grueling hunt for office promotion and a plot for our tiny house projects will morph into more pressing matters; how do I reinhabit the body of a dog, connect with the spirit of Henry Hoover or get Moby evicted from the flat about the kebab shop? ​ released November 13, 2021 Created by Samuel Pilbeam and Skye Turner Additional mixing and mastering by Somatic Jet

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