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Larpe Diem: Film and performance project rooted in the post-punk subcultures of Bristol, inspired by the methodology of LARP gameplay. LARP (Live Action Role Play) is a form of game where players physically represent their characters and engage in generative, fantasy storylines in fictional environments represented by the real world.  The project was a collaboration between the Directors (Skye Turner and Sam Pilbeam) musicians from the record label ‘Avon Terror Corps’ such as Kinlaw and Laughter of Saints, the women’s improv choir ‘Tunnel Singers’ , performance artists and musicians musicians, Sarahsson (@Sarahsson), Cassie Ireland (@cassieirland) and Sophia Jowett (@Sophaisopropyl).   Together, we developed parameters for a fantasy story line, influenced by our collective concerns of technological excess, an-iconic forms of femininity, queering medievalism and the history of land enclosure in the ancient woodlands around Bristol, where much of the film was shot. Having developed our roles and characters, we role played and improvised on set, later editing the footage into a series of a-linear chapters. Communal performance and roleplaying practices with no fixed aim of production are a means of exploring agency and care in a culture that insists on the mechanising of ourselves and relationships. Larpe Diem is an experiment in porous, non-binarised forms of identity and creativity that questions the affective difference between play, ritual and magik. The soundtrack is a mixture of live scores recorded on set by the Tunnel Singers and Laughter of Saints, with moody techno by Kinlaw and enchanting bard-core by O.G Jigg produced in post. ​Larpe Diem was funded by WEEVA via the freelance support fund, supported by CHAMP arts, The Brunswick Club, The Pheasantry Society and Avon Terror Corps.

Larpe Diem (Film, Screenshot) 2022.jpg
Larpe Diem (Film, Screenshot 2022).png
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