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True Medicine is a multi-part moving image and performance series, devised and written around an ongoing practice of solo role-play and fictional mythologies. Combining imagery of pharmaceutical production and the performance of arcane treatments cultivated from personal mythology, True Medicine aims to divine the perfect hospital to bring about personalized, earthly healing. This is achieved by isolating oneself in a self-made church of tarpaulins, inducing prophetic healing dreams, praying at altars made of industrial refuse, and applying balsams of petroleum jelly and shark blood. For the past year, I have been role-playing as an unnamed character trying to trace the source of the bizarrely patterned lesions that appear on their back overnight – a typical symptom reported by alien abductees. The film True Medicine specifically follows this character as they attempt to host an audience through their independently induced prophetic healing dream. They hope to maintain control and lucidity throughout the dream, but it is interrupted by bizarre mythic characters who corrupt their medicine. The three performances, Allure, Canine Catharsis, and Lexicon of Metallic Shorthand, are structured as a presentation of research methodology, a tool demonstration, and a guided meditation. The video below is a 2 minute excerpt of True Medicine 2024 (moving image, 16 minutes), the full film is available on request.

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